Measuring Agile readiness throughout the Scrum Delivery Life Cycle

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At Agileware Studios we have 3 definitions we use to measure agile readiness and work as it passes through an agile scrum delivery life cycle. This assists in measuring agile readiness and ensuring that the right quality of work is delivered throughout the agile life cycle for delivery.

Ready for development

For requirements to be moved into a sprint for implementation we need to ensure that the requirements apply to a certain standard. Requirements need to be clear enough, contain the right level of details and specify the acceptance criteria for delivering the requirement inline with the described business requirement. The implementation team, be it developers or marketers, have the right to refuse work into the sprint if the work does not comply with the definition of “Ready for development” or “Ready for implementation” (non-IT speak).

Definition of done

For the team to deliver a user story within a sprint we need to define the key aspects that determines that the user story has been delivered according to the initial requirement received by the team. Here we also include certain quality checks to ensure we deliver quality software. 


We are now happy to deploy the software into production. This is a final check on quality to ensure that we have done all that we are supposed to do as an agile team and that we have checked all the boxes on clinching a successful deployment.


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