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Kicking things off

This year has certainly kicked off with a bang for Infoware Studios. We have already reached a few important business milestones this year with many more in the pipeline, so I thought it appropriate to stop and smell the roses for a bit (as they say).

Take a moment

In today’s culture of the continuous rat race, we are constantly calibrated to ‘Go, go, go!’ and for me, it is important to acknowledge achievements and goals met. When you actually take a moment to breathe and look back, it is actually quite amazing how much has been achieved. So there are a few milestones that I wanted to add to our ‘brag book’ that I feel has already set Infoware Studios on an upward trajectory that is worth acknowledging and celebrating.

Rocking new office

New Offices-Social Media-04

At the beginning of February, Agile moved into a new home. Moving into your own office space is certainly a very special moment in the life of any business, and this year Infoware Studios moved into 49 New Road, Midrand. What a milestone! We now have a fantastic training and boardroom space (contact us if you’d like to hire), much needed dedicated coffee machine and a day-bed for those times when no amount of caffeine will work and all you need is a nap! We look forward to adding personal touches that will make it feel like home. Check out our Facebook page for more pics of our new pad.

Launched our first Jira Plugin


An awesome achievement to date, this year we’ve entered the international arena with the launch of our first Jira plugin on the Atlassian marketplace. The SLAware plugin simplifies SLA management by allowing users to easily track SLAs on an issue level in Jira. This is just the first of more plugins to be launched in the upcoming months.

Expanding Team

There are a few new faces on the Infoware team who are already adding tremendous value in achieving our goals this year. ChrisM and Fhatu joined the development team at the beginning of this year and are just spewing out awesomeness. We also have a team member joining us on the Tenderware side in the next month. After being in a distributed team for the last 2 years, I will also be relocating to Johannesburg in March. So big plans for Infoware this year!

Entrepreneur & agile speaker of note

Our CEO Tania van Wyk de Vries has been making her voice heard in a few places this year, having spoken at Ruby Fuza in Cape Town, as well as at the Thoughtworks LevelUp conference in Jozi about her journey as an entrepreneur and the agile landscape. 

Levelup conference 1

So as you can see by the few milestones I’ve mentioned, we’re kicking ass and taking names, with many more to come. I think it’s important to acknowledge and be proud of how far we have come and to celebrate the wins. So this is me being proud to be an Infowarian and sharing that with you all. Watch this space for updates on Infoware’s world domination!




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