Over the last 4 years of doing many high-paced, medium-term development projects, we have put together a very attractive offer validated by this experience to enable businesses to respond to the market rapidly by getting software solutions (web and mobile) out to market in 2 – 3 months.

The first step to increase time to market is to breakdown an application into it simplest set of features that comprises a functional application, delivering on the highest value to the business and its customers first while solving the most pressing problem immediately. This is called minimum viable product (MVP).

Making this possible in 2 – 3 months requires a unique combination of skills focused on requirement analysis and product definition, architecture and design, test automation, automated development environments, rapid development frameworks and platform-as-a-service (PAAS).

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Offering

Applicable To?

The type of solutions applicable to this offer are new applications, built on our defined architecture, using our continuous delivery development practices, possibly integrated to other applications.

Entrepreneurs who are running a service business and wants to build a software solution to complement their service offering to create annuity income.

Corporates looking to innovate and decreasing time to market, by leveraging new age technologies and development practices.


Yes, we have done this before. For information on a case study where we took a product to market in 3 months please visit: MVP in action case study.

Another reference of MVP to market in 3 months is our own homegrown product called Tenderware. Visit: http://tenderware.co.za.