What REAL employee benefits mean to us

At Infoware Studios, we believe in REAL employee benefits. And what does that mean, you might ask? Well, have you ever sat down and really thought about what is important to you in a job? What are the things you need in a workplace that are typically missing?

How about empowerment? Or the ability to decide your own career path? What about the prospect of growth? And by growth we mean real, raw, exponential growth, not the hand-holding complacent crap that HR sells you in recruitment? What about the opportunity to take something and run with it? No micro-managing, second-guessing or over-the-shoulder looking. Sound good?

The REAL benefits we believe in at Infoware Studios are:

  • Giving you the space to do what you enjoy the most
  • Get exposure to many different environments and wear many hats
  • Growth on a very tangible, personal level. We believe that every person has personal baggage and they can’t truly reach their potential without clearing what holds them back.
  • A firm belief that life should not be all about work and no play
  • Get to find out what you are really made of in a supporting environment
  • There is no hand-holding in this business. You decide how you want to do things within the guidelines given. And you are actively encouraged to run with it.
  • Getting personal – we want to know what makes you tick
  • Freedom to make mistakes and learn from them
  • Sharing in the fruits of your labour through profit-sharing
  • Empowerment to make decisions and figure things out for yourself
  • You decide what you want to do with your career and what areas to explore
  • Exposure to a challenging environment where your brilliance can shine

If you are sick of the mediocre playground that some corporates offer and yearn to be recognised for the individual that you are, you may have found the perfect fit. We demand excellence and in return give you the space to develop it for yourself.

So again, we ask, what REALLY matters to you in a job? Is it about being just a meaningless cog in the overall machine? Or is it about being EPIC?

See what our Infowarians think about working at Infoware

“Great things about working at Infoware are that you don’t have a fixed time to be at work or leave, as long as the work is done. Growth in the company is encouraged both personal and/or technical growth. You learn as much as possible, there is no such thing as this work will be done by someone more senior. Everyone learns by being hands on, and there is always room for asking. There is also support, everyone is willing to help if they can help with whatever you are working on” ~ Christopher Mipi, Software Developer at Infoware Studios.

“I can describe working at Infoware like swimming in the deep end…of the ocean during high tide, without one of those floaty things. The only thing is that you’re having fun while you’re doing it. The learning curve at Infoware is steep. The funny thing is you become good at things really quickly so you’re always looking for the next challenge. You’re not just required to come to work and leave at the end of the day but you’re required to do epic shit in every moment.” ~ Lebogang Moerane, Head of Webware Studios

We could be looking for you…

As a growing company with growing resource needs, we are constantly on the lookout for the freshest talent. If you are highly motivated, good at what you do, passionate about development and the web, self-managed, with an eagerness to learn and jump right in; we could be looking for you! We believe in an encouraging, dynamic, mentoring environment; with an emphasis on personal and career driven growth. But mostly, we just like to have fun!

We regularly seek talent in the Business Analysis, Development, Website design and Marketing fields. If you think that you would fit right in, please check out our vacancies advertised, or and apply here (talent vibes app):

for android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.infowarestudios.videosurvey

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Current Vacancies

 ATLASSIAN INTERN – Passionate about all things agile, tech and process optimisation, super-high work ethic and someone who has that extra quirk and is keen to transform companies…Sound like you? Then read on dude/dudette Click here to see our advert.

 JUNIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER – Passionate about developing software, keen to learn, ambitious, who has that extra bit of quirk and is hungry to grow into a leader… Sound like you? Then read on dude! Click here to see our advert.

 SENIOR SOFTWARE ENGINEER – Passionate about software development, super-high work ethic, ambitious lead technical coach who has that extra quirk and is not afraid to swim with the big boys… Sound like you? Then read on awesome person! Click here to see our advert.

SCRUM MASTER – Passionate about all things agile, super-high work ethic, with a flair for coaching who has that extra quirk and is keen to transform companies… Sound like you? Click here to see our advert.

PRODUCT OWNER – We are scouting for a multi-dimensional Business Analyst in an agile IT environment. Interested? Click here to see our advert.