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Passionate about all things agile, super-high work ethic, with a flair for coaching, attention to detail, very analytical and proficient in doing agile business requirements. Project management or product owner experience is a must AND you need to have technical background / training AND worked in solution design space before. So, we need a superhuman. A rock star! You need to be someone who has that extra quirk and is keen to make a difference in the companies or projects you work onSound like you? Then read on dude/dudette!

< Overview />

Infoware Studios is an exuberant & quirky business transformation technology solutions biz based in JHB. We think agile is super cool – we live and breathe it, and would eat it too if we could! We’re a fascinating, brilliant and fun-loving bunch who regularly breaks away from the norm in order to keep things interesting. Not only do we think agile is cool, we might possibly think you’re cool too!

At Infoware Studios, we do a whole bunch of things ranging from Agile Implementation and training services, Agile Project Management, Agile Software Development, Strategic Agile and Business Transformation consulting, Atlassian tool support. (Note the Agile obsession?)

Operating on the self-managed team philosophy, our Infowarians (otherwise known as employees) are go getters who take the lead and run with it. We get personal – with our clients as well as our employees. So if you’re highly motivated, good at what you do, passionate about making companies better and technology innovation, have oodles of leadership potential, are self-managed, with a touch of quirk and are ready to jump right in; we’re looking for you!

< What will you be doing? />

  • The main responsibilities will be to:External consulting projects
  • Coach client teams on Scrum, Kanban and continuous delivery processes and agile business requirements
  • Get the basics of Scrum, Kanban and continuous delivery embedded in client teams
  • Implementing agile and continuous delivery best practices within a team
  • Help the team to develop a culture of collaboration
  • Maintaining a high level of morale within the team
  • Support the team to be self-organising and function as an accountable, high performance team.
  • Work directly with client stakeholders, exco members, senior management and development team members
  • Attend Sprint boundary meetings to guide team through the process where relevant
  • Facilitate the stand-up meetings
  • Identifying and removing impediments for the team
  • Work with teams to streamline agile or continuous delivery processes and assist them to improve continuously
  • Coach Scrum Masters or other roles to take over the agile process management and requirement definition once the engagement comes to an end
  • Coach product owners (traditional business analysts (sometimes ;-)) new to the role to assist them to develop into the role
  • Take on project management responsibilities over and above the Scrum Master role e.g. managing client expectations, regular communications with client, monthly reports and meetings and what ever is needed to make the client super happy!
  • Work and communicate directly with client stakeholders, exco members, senior management, development and business analyst team members
  • Assist the product owner in prioritisation and scheduling of work, to meet agreed delivery time frames
  • Make sure that all the team members understand their roles and fulfill them to the best of their ability.
  • Assist team with managing agile via agile tooling (Jira)
  • Configure Jira for clients
  • Take part as a trainer in the training program of Infoware Studios
  • Play a product owners / business analyst / scrum master role at our clients and manage their delivery to the T.
  • Jira configuration & training
  • Agile training

Internal Agile Software delivery projects

  • Run requirement and solution design workshops and subsequent sessions.
  • Define agile product requirements with our clients.
  • Manage scope changes with clients.
  • Run agile boundary meetings with the client and team.
  • Run daily standup with the team.
  • Product owner, responsible for project budget and delivery

Internship Programmes

  • Development of programme material
  • Lectures with interns
  • Oversee and assess progress of interns
  • Interview interns

Future: Entrepreneur Programmes

Exciting stuff in the pipeline.

< Your Background />

  • 5 years experience as a Business analyst / Project Manager
  • Software development life cycle experience mandatory!
  • Technical background: come from a business analysis, testing or development background

< About You />

Were looking for someone out-of-the-ordinary, who walks to the beat of their own drum, who is ambitious and willing to try new things. How many of these boxes do you tick?

  • Quirky
  • Creative
  • Exuberant
  • Brilliant
  • Intelligent
  • Have a flair for people
  • The opposite of egocentric
  • A born leader
  • Self-managed
  • Professional
  • Extremely high work-ethic (non-negotiable!)
  • Service orientated
  • Quality of work is important to you

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