International outsourced software development


Outsourced software development – United States and Europe

Currently Infoware Studios are offering outsourced software development services to the United States and Europe outside of South Africa.


$20 – $30 per hour.

11 official languages, de facto english

Since South Africa is challenged with 11 official languages, english has become the de facto language for communication within the business world. This thus puts South Africa in a favourable position for outsourced software development towards english speaking countries.

Entrepreneurs and businesses driven by passion

We mainly work with entrepreneurs and businesses that has an entrepreneurial culture. We offer the following services within the outsourced software development space to international customers:

  • Lean Go-to-market strategy and approach;
  • Distributed management and communications with customers via the Atlassian toolset including: Jira Software, Confluence, Hipchat and other add-ons;
  • Management of the process using Scrum;
  • All sprint planning and sprint review meetings are held via Google Hangouts or HipChat. During these meetings we share a screen so that the client has access to;
  • Online backlog that is used to collaborate with the client in terms of prioritising delivery;
  • Strategic technology advice;
  • Architecture and design of end-to-end technology solution.
  • DevOps: continuous testing and deployment using Jenkins and the Atlassian toolset;
  • Weekly deployments to a test environment for review by the client;

  • Software development focused on web applications, mobile applications, integration with other systems;

  • Automated unit testing;

  • Functional testing: manual and automated;

  • Load testing;

  • Post go-live monthly support and maintenance;

  • Post go-live monthly support and maintenance;

  • Service desk for logging incidents and support calls;

  • Fixing of bugs as part of support;

  • Infrastructure monitoring and support via 360 Smartnetworks.

End-to-end custom outsourced software development

We only specialise in the following custom software development work:

  • web software products;
  • mobile applications;
  • integrations with the web software we develop;
  • web software API development;
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions;
  • business intelligence solutions.

We currently have offices in Johannesburg and Atlanta. In the US where we are part of a wider technology solutions company called 360 Smartnetworks. For more information about this partner visit: