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I have recently read about how important it is to reward yourself when you achieve a goal. During our childhood years we have parents, if we are lucky, that teach us about good and bad behaviour through rewards or punishment. A lot of the time in projects, and even in life, we set out goals for ourselves to achieve and when we reach them we start focusing immediately on the next goal.

Take the time to celebrate

We never slow down and celebrate where we are or what we have achieved. As an agile team, this is one of the fundamental keys of motivating teams to keep on going. It’s a very fast, continuous pace and although we have our scheduled retrospectives and reviews, we tend to forget to celebrate.

Take the time to reflect not just on what the team has achieved in the previous sprint, but also what the team has achieved together this year.  In most sport types if a team or individual wins a tournament, series or game, that team gets fireworks or a podium ceremony to acknowledge that they have achieved their goal. We get so focused on what we need to do next that we forget to enjoy the things that we have achieved.

So let’s kick off our shoes, just for a few hours, open the champagne bottles and celebrate.  Acknowledge what you as an individual, the team and the company achieved during 2013 and enjoy the moment. 


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