Service Desk as a tool to enhance customer service

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A tool or software that helps customer service teams manage incoming service requests. It is a point of contact for customer service in a business. It helps the service team communicate with company’s stakeholders, whether these are external customers or internal employees within the organisation. 

Provides customer service teams with additional tools for a top level support to customers. Benefits of adopting a customer service desk:

  • Proactive Support instead of passively waiting for incoming support tickets
  • Improved Productivity with managing tickets more effectively 
  • Advanced Reporting can assess productivity with the service desk, and help individual employees track their performance. For Instance Jira™ has integrated reporting solution that offers a stand-alone reporting solution or you can opt to have it installed as an add-on within Jira™ so your team accesses a central system for all activities.

Benefits of the reporting solution:

    • Ideal for users who use Jira™  as their main operational system
    • Not tied to the Jira™ user licensing tier
    • Pulling data from many systems into a single view

It has the following features:

    • Filtering data per week, month, quarter, year through simple click and select filters
    • Can do year-on-year comparisons
    • Central place to view all data between Jira, master data sources, CRM systems and customer feedback
    • Useful dashboards focused per area involved in customer service delivery
    • Export of reports in presentable format without requiring rework
    • Board packs to powerpoint
    • Each dashboard to PDF as well as powerpoint
    • Export of raw data provided per graph
    • Export of image per graph

It is important to align your service desk with your business goals to maximise the effectiveness of your customer service efforts. Service desk can also be used to outline escalation procedures so agents know what to do when faced with an urgent or critical problem.

For more information on the Jira reporting solution licensing cost please contact our team on or get in touch with us here and a sales representative will be in contact with you.


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