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You might have a product development idea or ideas and when you first articulate the product development idea(s) it generally sounds great, you get all excited about it and start off on a launch or development tangent. No jokes. The reality soon sets in as you discover that people are not responding to the product and we end up wasting a lot of time, energy and money in a product idea that is not taking off. But no dismay. You can be successful.

The start of a successful product development strategy is the validation of your product development idea. At Infoware Studios we have learned that if you apply the following steps to unpacking the product development idea and validating the product development idea you will increase your chances of success in launching a successful product or business:

  • Write out what your product or service will offer the market. Your list of product features.
  • Research the following online:
    • What other products or services is already available, i.e. who are you going to compete with.
    • What are the features that make up these products or services.
    • Who are the customers served by these products and services.
    • How is your product different from these products. I.e. what is your niche?
  • Determine if the niche or differentiation your product offers are really something that will excite your customers or make customers switch from the existing products they are using to yours. This you do by speaking to your potential customers.

Sometimes the feedback we receive from our customers or the discoveries we make as we delve into more details as per the above steps can be disheartening, but it is better to not waste your resources on a product idea that will simply not be successful. Rather move onto the next potential successful product development idea and iterate through the same steps. If you keep on trying you might just find the next diamond in the rough.

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