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I can’t say that I’ve worked in every single company in the world so my reference point may be limited, however I do have enough experiences to be able to put together a comparison or two.

Infoware Studios Company Culture

Working at Infoware Studios has been… how do I put it… colourful. I worked in an advertising agency where a pool table and Friday night drinks meant “job satisfaction”, and as for a corporate company – please don’t get me started on corporate red tape and low accountability.

Infoware Studios is an environment where you’re encouraged to swim; well its more like you are thrown off the boat before you have a chance to put on your diving gear. It sure does turn you into a strong swimmer. The foundation of the company is based on the Agile methodology. We place people over processes, create an open and honest work environment where communication is encouraged whilst also having a high level of transparency to create accountability. You aren’t dictated to about what you need to do and we have a lateral organisational structure that differs from the traditional top-down manner in which most organisations operate. You know when your manager needs to check with his manager, who is waiting for his manager, who is out playing golf? The Infoware Studios structure values people managing themselves.

It’s all about growth

This model creates an awesome work environment, but before you get to the awesome part, it shakes you up a bit and exposes your weaknesses.  Difficulty creates some internal and external conflict and that fosters growth. At Infoware Studios, you’re directly responsible for your own progress and growth. It’s the kind of environment that if you fully embrace it, you will be able to actualize a lot of your career and, at time, personal goals.

One of the best parts of the Infoware culture is that there is a clear understanding that you are more than just a person that sits at a desk and churns out work. You have “baggage” that sits in your system and that baggage prevents you from being all you can be. Everyone goes on a personal development journey at Infoware Studios to help you clear the baggage. When you get rid of the things in your life that prevent you from being your best, you start to be better and then start to do better.

Become a rock star

It’s not for the faint-hearted, but if you were faint-hearted and rose up to the challenge, you’ll turn into the champ you never knew you were.


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