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SLA plugin for Jira SLA

At Infoware Studios, we are all about simplifying both our local and international client’s lives and keeping them on top of their game. The Jira SLA plugin was developed with this in mind, using agile principles to build this simple but powerful Jira SLA plugin for Jira users. SLA management and monitoring forms a critical part of both internal and external service delivery in businesses today. With SLAware, we’ve introduced a simple Jira SLA plugin that adds massive value in staying on top of SLAs and thus your business’s service delivery.

Jira SLA management made simple and visible

The SLAware Jira SLA plugin brings you easy, flexible tracking of SLA’s for your business on an issue level in Jira. The plugin allows users to view: SLA status, elapsed time and elapsed percentage on SLA time on specific Jira issues. Users & teams can easily monitor SLA information per issue such as current Jira SLA status and total time duration.

Our Jira SLA management plugin allows for flexible configuration for effective Jira SLA monitoring, such as projects that need to be monitored, applicable workflows and priority levels. Users can also configure on minimum and maximum SLA levels which users, roles and groups are to receive status notifications such as expired SLA or about to expire.

Sound like the solution you’re after?

SLA plugin for Jira sla

Visit the Atlassian Marketplace on the below link or by clicking here in order to find out more information and download this effective and value-adding Jira SLA plugin for Jira.


Find out more information about how the Jira SLA plugin works and how to configure it in the documentation on this link:



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