On all the projects where we developed an application, system or solution for a client we offer support and maintenance services post 1st release go-live. This does not form part of the normal project cost and will be quoted for separately as a monthly retainer for support and maintenance.

Support services

On a high-level the following services are included in our monthly support and maintenance retainer:

    • Application and database monitoring
    • Fixing of bugs
    • Maintenance releases focusing on upgrading of technology frameworks embedded in the application
    • Running of a service desk for the application on the Infoware Jira instance.
    • SLA management on the above services
    • Monthly production support reports

This retainer is not linked to actual hours and is aimed at having an Infoware Studios delivery team available to monitor and manage your application in production. We although do monitor the amount of time spend on support and maintenance and should the amount of work you require exceed the retainer paid, this will have to be adjusted.

We deploy really quality software to production, so the monthly support and maintenance charges is less than what you generally can employ a single developer for.

This demonstrates the return on investment around investing in automated testing upfront as part of the initial software development project and deploying quality software to production.

Our support and maintenance process is managed on the Infoware Studios Jira instance using a light agile ITIL governance standard.

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