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Jira plugin not enabling after Jira restart

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Sometimes when developing a Jira plugin which creates customfields on installation, it does not enable automatically when Jira app is restarted, the reason being that the code which is used to add the customfields implemented from the class :InitializingBean, maybe with the class :DisposableBean. To remove somethings on plugin disable/uninstall as follows:

public class MyPluginInstaller implements InitializingBean,

DisposableBean { 


    public void destroy() throws ...

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Creating a Jira plugin which creates screens on installation

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Sometimes you want to create a Jira plugin which uses screens on it, but you don’t want to add the screens manually, thus the plugin itself has to install its own screens on installation which it is going to use.

Now in the plugin framework you have a file “atlassian-plugin.xml” which is where you insert modules which are going to be used by the plugin. This line of code:

<component key=”pluginInstaller” class=path-to-the-class-PluginInstaller /> 

has to ...

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