Have a new business idea?

Why is it important to validate a new idea?

Before your spend too much money trying to get a new business or startup idea or app idea off the ground, it is important for you to validate that your business idea or app idea solves a problem that customers are willing to pay for, so validate business idea.

The most important part of starting a successful business is testing business ideas before wasting too much money on something your potential customers might not want. 
So before you spend money building a new app or launching a new business or startup, let us help you to get answers some answers on if you have a good business idea?


What are characteristics of a good business?

A good business idea is NOT necessarily a ‘one-of-a-kind-business’ or a complete new ideas, hardly any ideas are new BUT:

  • It solves a niche problem in an existing market. For instance Snapchat: deletes messages within a time period and focuses on a substitute to face-to-face communication, unlike Whatsapp for instance.
  • It might be more usable than the existing market players, so better experience for customers (MySpace v/s Facebook)
  • It is better priced
  • It speaks to a specific subset of a market better than your competitors
  • How can you utilise technology over competitors already in the market (distributive banking for instance)
Validate business idea or app idea for free via a 1 hour session online.

What do you get for a free?

You will be assigned a Business Coach that will assist you with an initial free consultation:

  • 1 hours online call to discuss your business idea. If you want, we can sign an NDA to protect your interests.

What we expect of you

  • You need to be proactive and hungry to get a business off the ground.
  • You need to have lots of energy.
  • Coming prepared to our session.

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