Have a new business idea?

Let us help you validate business idea or app idea for only $1000 (R11 999 for SA citizens).

Why is it important to validate a new idea?

Before your spend too much money trying to get a new business idea or startup idea or app idea off the ground, it is important for you to validate that your business idea or app idea solves a problem that customers are willing to pay for, so validate business idea.

The most important part of starting a successful business is testing business ideas before wasting too much money on something your potential customers might not want. Let us rather work with you to validate business idea.
So before you spend money building a new app idea or launching a new business idea or startup idea, let us help you to get answers from your early adopter customers to validate business idea.

How does the process work?

Lean Idea Validation

What you get for free?

Feedback about your idea from a Business Coach before proceeding to the next step.

What do you get for a $1000?

You will be assigned a Business Coach that will assist you with the following for a period of 4 weeks to validate business idea:

  • 2 hours online call to discuss your business idea. If you want, we can sign an NDA to protect your interests.
  • Access to an Infoware Studios Lean startup knowledge pack for your review to assist you in preparing for our next session.
  • 2 hours online call to review your preparation for validate business idea.
  • Review of subsequent validations via online call once a week.
  • Define a call to action on a website page to identify your early adopters.
  • Analyse the results of your call to action.

What we expect of you

  • You need to be proactive and hungry to get a business off the ground.
  • You need to have lots of energy.
  • You need 8 hours per week for working on your idea for a 4 week period.
  • Coming prepared to sessions.
  • Completing activities provided by Business Coach before weekly meeting.

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