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You know that you need a website, but other than the name of your business, you don’t have a clue of where to start in terms of writing content for your website pages.

Does this situation sound familiar?

Your website is the first place that people go to find out more information about your business and how it can fulfill their needs. So keep that in mind when developing your website content and the rest should follow.

Tips on developing content for your pages

Here are a few tips on developing and writing content for your website:

Writing Content Tip 1:

Start with the basics. All websites should have a home page, about page and contact page at the very least.

Writing Content Tip 2:

Your home page is usually the first page that visitors see. Write a paragraph about what your business does, focusing on the products or services that could most benefit the person visiting your site. In short, you want to explain what your business is/does in a few sentences that are easy to understand. Also remember to add a call to action on your home page. Tell people to “Contact you now”, “Get a free quote”, “Buy now” etc. Make it a noticeable button on your home page to help convert visitors to clients.

Writing Content Tip 3:

Believe it or not, but the about page is one of the most visited pages on a website. People want to know about you and your company. They want to feel as if they know the person and/or business that they are engaging with. So include the history of your business, how you came up with the idea and who you are as a person. It is also great to add the business’s vision, mission and goals to this page in order to give people a sense of what you stand for.

Writing Content Tip 4:

The contact page is vitally important. Try to provide as many ways as possible for potential clients to contact you. Supply an email address, phone number, postal address (or physical address if you have offices), as well as a contact form. Make sure that the contact form works, that the email address you provide works and that the phone number works. Providing a map to your offices or directions also adds a nice touch for people who might not know how to find you.

Writing Content Tip 5:

Once you have covered the basic 3 above, it is time to focus on your services or products. This is the heart of your site as it provides information that will hopefully lead to a sale. Try to explain your service/product offering in the most easy to understand way, so that people who are completely new to your offering can understand what it is that you sell/provide. If there is a lot of information about your product, rather give readers the option of reading more by going to another page. Steer clear from too much content as visitors can be fickle in terms of not wanting to read everything. Write based on what your target market want to read, or the information that they are likely to ask you in person.

These are just the minimum basics in terms of content to have on your website pages and would obviously change according to your specific business and its needs. Examples of other pages could be testimonials, your portfolio, your list of clients, your team, the techniques that you use, FAQs etc. Follow these basics to begin with and you’re already on your way to a good website.


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